In order to get the Master Degree, the student has to attend and be examined successfully in nine (9) biannual courses: three (3) compulsory courses in the first semester, three (3) in the second semester and three (3) in the third semester respectively. In the fourth semester, the student has to work on the dissertation’s writing.

The courses’ curriculum is:


First Semester (30 ECTS):

1. Management and Educational Units’ Administration (10 ECTS)

2. Educational Policy, Innovation and Change in School Environment (10 ECTS)

3. Research’s Methodology (10 ECTS)


Second Semester (30 ECTS):

1. Technology and Innovative Implementations in Education (10 ECTS)

2. Total Quality Management in Educational Organizations (10 ECTS)

3. Interpersonal relationships, communication and innovative approaches in educational environments (10 ECTS)


Third Semester (30 ECTS):

1. Economics of Education (10 ECTS)

2. European Educational Institutions (10 ECTS)

3. Leadership-Special Issues in Organizational Behavior (10 ECTS)


Fourth Semester (30 ECTS):

1. Dissertation (30 ECTS)